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Set in Santiago, this film compellingly depicts a complicated phase in the life of Gloria (Paulina Garcia), a 58-year-old Chilean woman and her problematical relationship with Rudolfo (Sergio Hernandez), an ex-naval officer she got to know in one of the local night clubs she often attends. Both divorced, they face life and deal with their children in a very distinct manner. While Gloria is more detached without stop being sensitive, Rudolfo has in his daughters a big obstacle in life, and gets constantly tied up in family affairs. What could have been a beautiful love story between two mature adults ends up in a sequence of challenges that will compromise their relationship.

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The film was carried out in a very natural and cozy way, making us watch its episodes with curiosity and fondness. Gloria’s life is portrayed in such a way that leaves no doubts about her habits or personality. And all the merit goes to the performances of Paulina Garcia (best actress at Berlin) and Sergio Hernandez, who put every feeling and behavior in the right place. The sex scenes were raw and nudity was embraced naturally and without complexes. Some scenes are hilarious, like when Gloria furiously discharges a paint-ball gun at Rudolfo; yet some others are touching, exemplified when Gloria suddenly gets the notion of her age while seeing a skeleton puppet show in the street. Sensible and insightful, "Gloria" was awarded at Berlin and San Sebastian Film Festivals.

Chilean cinema is booming. Earlier this year our country was released in the Oscar-nominated No (Pablo Larraín, 2012) , a striking political document on the referendum against Pinochet. And then, starting with the Berlinale, has already gone through several festivals this season Gloria (2013) , whose director Sebastián Lelio commented at the turn of Sarajevo that indeed his country is enjoying a sudden artistic boiling Patent eg the multiplication of people submit their projects to film competitions. Your film will also be screened at the upcoming San Sebastian Festival and is scheduled for release in the rest of Spain on October 4. And the fact is that this latest success should be shared by the domestic industry, as Gloria is a Spanish co-production and tells a story that could well be located in our country or any other. Indeed, unlike the film Larraín, the Lelio no Chilean artistic growth that fail to discuss their own problems, but is situated outside any economic and political context to show some characters of very cosmopolitan upper middle class. So this movie is a good example of that, even in the present circumstances and seizing new opportunities, film need not be politicized.

This statement is clear from a story that revolves around the problems of a woman, Gloria, whose only solution must come personally and privately. Such misfortunes are basically the loneliness and age affect this separate and ripe but reluctant to stop living in illusion and protagonist couple. So most nights happening in the clubs or restaurants where finally wrapped separately with an equally man and also seems to be looking for a long term relationship. From there the film because it concentrates on the interaction between these two characters, while still dedicating their time solo Gloria: In her apartment, on the street or at work. On the other hand supporting characters are introduced, basically around Gloria's family, which form another major theme of the tape as that of the family and its dynamics bondage / disunity. This was said Lelio own to introduce this film at the recent festival of Sarajevo, in a talk in which he also stated that the title of the movie a priori was thought of as a reference to John Cassavetes, but later served mainly to incorporate Umberto Tozzi's song of the same name that best characterizes this woman even take up arms, and which closes his narrative in a deceptively symmetrical loop between party and party.

This structure serves to strengthen otherwise the energy of a force whose footage already is given by the character of Gloria, played with confidence by Paulina Garcia. His work was just awarded the prize for Best Actress at the Berlinale, but the other actors, in particular by Sergio Rodolfo Hernandez (restless boyfriend late Gloria) also operate very naturally and feeling. Lelio also confessed that he admires the vitality of the people older than him, and that was partly what enabled him to effectively lead and convince these seasoned actors filming a surprisingly uninhibited sex scenes but justified by the direct and sincere intention intended to convey.(Download Gloria Movie) In fact the biggest surprise is to see that such moments do not break with the warm and tender tone for the rest of the film, showing the most credible way possible that these characters are still able to live fully. Another specific scenes in which the Chilean director demonstrates his expertise, and also specifically highlighted in the above discussion, is the dinner between Rodolfo, Gloria and her family. Lelio then claimed that such moments allow you to give enough information about the characters but not express it directly, but relying on their interaction around the table, in his gestures and other falsely trivial dialogues. And it is true that in such a sequence clearly shows the conflicting difference between Gloria and Rodolfo in his way of dealing with family relationships, and thus their own relationship.

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In any case, what this shows us is that last another remarkable quality of the film is its seemingly light-hearted style and below that tells us what they think and feel these individuals better than they could have made ​​a solemn commitment, or at least getting it more realism and enjoyment. Alternating in this way the drama and comedy, as evidenced for example in the depressing yet hilarious ending that friendship takes Gloria and Rodolfo, the film manages to both entertain and make us reflect on some thorny issues under a sad freshly optimistic prism. On the other hand, maybe that infected meritorious animation footage, the camera is often out of your tripod and move slightly even in long shots where the referents are still, as in the aforementioned dinner scene. Such technical change option seems less justified, often unnecessary from a utilitarian point of view. What this comment is to say is that the visual content of the film is not particularly inspired, being merely competent and helpful, giving it prevents other most memorable features. However, it is true that held camera light also on juvenile Lelio direction you want to print and contrasted with the role of an older man and a woman. But this play of opposites is not always clearly established, so this aspect of the nude or collide with the classic look of the film. Ultimately, it is recommended especially for basting several scenes proficiently designed so spontaneously as wisdom, and to compose an original and yet very believable portrait of a woman that, despite the circumstances, it is very easy to sympathize.

Download Gloria movie , Gloria Download , Gloria Movie Download ,Download Gloria